Robbed by Jonathan Massé

Robbed by Jonathan Massé

Jonathan Massé from Gestion Jécom
scammed me out of 10,000 USD cash on
kijiji. Since robbing me in April 2016,
Jonathan Massé refuses till this day
to meet me in person.
Help me locate him,
$1,000 cash to the person who
gives me info on his whereabouts.

I can share my experience
with proof of fraud on his part,

** All published facts on this webpage
are accurate, proven true and can
be backed up upon request. **


Latest Update On An Alleged Scam Involving Jonathan Massé And Me Daniel Massé


Apr-18-2020 Update: On the grounds that he doesn't want to further incriminate
his cousin Lawyer Avocat Daniel Massé, Jonathan Massé isn't only incapable to
prove the provenience of the reimbursement payment
made on May 4th 2018
but he's also unable to come up with the basic details of the real estate deal
which the stolen funds were reportedly used for

Apr-11-2020 Update: An elderly person, who has also fallen victim to Jonathan's
investment scheme
, reveals that he has received two payments from Jonathan Massé
(since when he got publicly exposed online) but nothing thereafter.

Nov-7-2019 Update: By contacting privately a few of his friends, family and even employer,
Jonathan Massé felt under pressure and caved in to our demands to resolve conflict in arbitration.

Oct-1-2019 Update: Jonathan Massé suddently reappears, immediately after we reached
out to some friends of his on facebook,
and he forecasts a payment for mid-October.

Sep-27-2019 Update: Since the month of March, we have been pleading to initiate
arbitration proceedings and offering to cover our share of the fees, yet,
Jonathan Massé is once again keeping us hanging
by ignoring our email messages

Jul-7-2019 Update: Paying the legal rate of interest for his 3 year loan, which he
believes is 6.5%, is what Jonathan Massé considers a fair offer
. His previous
proposal was giving a generous $1000 to ask for forgiveness and to make peace.

Jun-4-2019 Update: As of this date, Jonathan Massé refunded in an unwilling,
unenthusiastic and hesitant way,
the equivalent of 9160 in USD, in spite
of that, he's convinced that the 10,000 USD has been paid in full.

May-28-2019 Update: Ensuing a friendly reminder email,
Jonathan Massé gave back approximately 1630 USD.

Apr-18-2019 Update: After 36 months, Jonathan Massé still hasn't resolved the conflict
and no initiative has been taken on his part, in three years, to reimburse.
Not one prompt payment was made without twisting his arm.

Apr-15-2019 Update: Jonathan Massé implies that I will be receiving
a reimbursement offer through his attorney in April.

Mar-24-2019 Update: Jonathan Massé is playing the victim to justify his actions.
He pretends that he has an attorney but does not comply when asked to provide
the lawyer's contact info
. When we suggested to settle the dispute in
arbitration and pay half of the fees, Jonathan Massé gave the silent treatment

Mar-1-2019 Update: Jonathan Massé is open to the idea of paying interest on his
multi-year loan
, albeit he doesn't want to disclose any amount he forecasts on giving.
'Enough so I could be satisfied' was his blatant response.

Feb-28-2019 Update: Jonathan Massé was kindly asked, more than once,
if the published content on this webpage is accurate or fictitious.
Both email messages were left unanswered.

Jan-25-2019 Update: With persistent notifications, Jonathan Massé
made a payment of about 1040 USD.

Jan-24-2019 Update: Whilst he never once made one single payment on his own
as a gesture of goodwill, without having to be constantly reminded,
Jonathan Massé
demands recognition for the few thousands that he has reimbursed
Furthermore, he comes up with an excuse to not honour his debt.

Jan-22-2019 Update: Given that we suspect the (full or partial) 4050 USD cash payment
made on May 4th 2018 came from his cousin Lawyer Avocat Daniel Massé, we have
been continuously asking Jonathan Massé to prove the source of these funds
Jonathan Massé provided a limited copy of a bank statement but he
refused to show how these sums reached his account

Dec-31-2018 Update: Jonathan Massé gave back roughly 730 USD,
notwithstanding that he stated in previous email that the majority
of the debt will be paid back by the end of the year

Dec-15-2018 Update: Jonathan Massé stopped responding to our emails, we believe
the reason for it is because as months ran on, he ran out of excuses.
An unanswered email message has also been sent to Jonathan
Massé's cousin lawyer Avocat Daniel Massé.

Nov-10-2018 Update: Despite the fact that Jonathan Massé used the 10,000 USD for
purposes other than that for which intended, discussed and agreed upon
the 'x amount of investors in failed projects end up losing money' excuse
is being brought up as justification for Jonathan's behavior.

Nov-9-2018 Update: Granted that he previously revealed that the stolen funds were used,
without consent, for a real estate deal
, Jonathan Massé now changes his story and
divulges that the aforementioned real estate deal never panned out
Moreover, he won't spill the beans about what happened to the 10,000 USD.

Oct-21-2018 Update: Jonathan Massé was alluding back in July that the full 10,000 USD
will be paid back by September
. He is again acting the same way by stating that he is
currently in the process of getting a bank loan for the debt repayment.
Jonathan Massé went silent when asked to be transparent
by providing further info on the advance

Oct-1-2018 Update: So far, more than 150 emails from Jonathan Massé have been
received and saved, of which the majority are filled with deceit. Lying, deception and
giving excuses have become far too common with Jonathan Massé.

Aug-17-2018 Update: Jonathan Massé made a partial payment of about 760 USD.

Aug-3-2018 Update: Jonathan Massé suggests and offers an opportunity to be part in
one of his money making schemes
as an alternative to settling his debt.

Jul-16-2018 Update: A second payment was confirmed and scheduled, however,
Jonathan Massé once again bailed on it, like he did numerous times.

May-4-2018 Update: Jonathan Massé finally agreed to meet up, only after we contacted
his cousin Lawyer Avocat Daniel Massé, and gave back 4050 USD at the meeting.
Along with Jonathan and largely for intimidation purposes, two goons
avowedly sent by Avocat Daniel Massé were present.

Feb-7-2018 Update: Jonathan Massé's cousin lawyer Avocat Daniel Massé
denies involvement
in this fraud.

Dec-12-2017 Update: Through this webpage, another victim has come forward claiming
Jonathan Massé robbed him $80,000.

Nov-22-2017 Update: Jonathan Massé admitted that the stolen funds were presumably
used for a real estate deal
with his cousin lawyer Avocat Daniel Massé.
We asked for his side of the story but to no avail.

Nov-6-2017 Update: Jonathan Massé continues with his deceitfulness, this time around
he pretends that he will send Bitcoin to pay off his debt.

Nov-1-2017 Update: On a rare occasion, Jonathan Massé discloses the use of the stolen funds.
Most importantly and surprisingly, he acknowledges that trusting him was a mistake.
In addition, he expresses his thoughts on the possibility of working together
on a future profitable business venture.

Oct-18-2017 Update: Up to now, Jonathan Massé has had the stolen funds in his possession
for 18 months, though he did in fact reluctantly gave about 950 USD spread over 3 instalments.

Oct-4-2017 Update: Via this webpage, a concerned friend of Jonathan Massé reached out
and, after getting my side of the story, believes the ideal settlement would be for
Jonathan to distribute interest payments until the 10,000 USD is paid in full.

Sep-15-2017 Update: Jonathan Massé discloses an upcoming bank appointment for a loan
and he projects to settle the debt by the end of October.

Aug-28-2017 Update: Jonathan Massé finds this embezzlement case amusing and
he hopes that one day we can have a beer along with a good laugh over this.

Aug-26-2017 Update: Once this webpage came to his attention, Jonathan Massé consulted
first his cousin Lawyer Avocat Daniel Massé and afterwards he contacted the registrar,
click here to see the complaint.

Jul-19-2017 Update: Jonathan Massé issues a statement about his cousin,
Lawyer Avocat Daniel Massé, confirming a transfer payment for early August.

Jul-18-2017 Update: Even though Gestion Jécom INC. has had no revenue, Jonathan Massé
announces that a buyer is willing to pay $3,000 for his company so that the sale proceedings
could be put towards the debt reimbursement.

Jul-9-2017 Update: Ever since taking my money, scheduling an appointment with
Jonathan Massé has been an impossible task. Since he had some marble for sale,
I had to trick him by posing as a contractor to schedule a surprise meeting.

Jul-4-2017 Update: As an 'already established entrepreneur', Jonathan Massé is now
adding his new job title to his impressive CV. After taking a crash course from
one of his pals, Jonathan Massé feels confident that he can take the
real estate world by storm and he guarantees a speedy repayment

Apr-24-2017 Update: Getting more difficult to get a reply from Jonathan Massé who seems
generally busier or pretends to hold a more important title. This wasn't an issue
when he was looking to get his hands on the funds.

Mar-30-2017 Update: Jonathan Massé announces that money will start to flow in from
multiple sources
, one being a real estate deal with his cousin lawyer Avocat Daniel Massé.
He goes as far as stating that I will be the first person getting paid. Unfortunately,
Jonathan Massé never followed through with a payment.

Feb-1-2017 Update: Jonathan Massé refers to crooked former Sûreté du Québec cop
Gaétan Rivest
as an associate of his
. A simple Google search for ex-police officer
Gaétan Rivest
will reveal that he has left his mark in Guinea
but, over and above that, a history of dishonest activity.

Aug-14-2016 Update: Jonathan Massé reports that he along with his cousin,
Lawyer Avocat Daniel Massé, are closing a real estate deal which will bring him
$40,000 short-term
. In addition, Jonathan Massé communicates that
I will be getting a slice of the cake in the form of interest.

Aug-1-2016 Update: A second unanswered reimbursement email request
has been sent in early July. Jonathan Massé has been graciously asked
numerous times to return the 10,000 USD. All refund
demands have been brushed aside.
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